To Steve

Everyone keeps saying thank you. Perhaps it’s the brevity that Twitter enforces, perhaps it’s the sheer enormity of what those words must convey, but no one’s really tried to sum up what they really mean. As I stare at my Mac, and imagine endlessly his personal influence in everything from the gradient of the menu bar down to the radius of the trackpad, here is my attempt.

Thank you, Steve.

Not for being a tireless champion of the user experience.
Not for believing that no detail is too small.
Not for empowering those everyone else ignored with technology and, more importantly, communication.
Not for showing us how business and vision are not enemies, but together a powerful force.
Not for making us believe that technology can be greater than the sum of its parts.
Not for pushing an entire generation of engineers, designers, and users to accept nothing less than the very best.

All of these things, yes. And all of these things in spades. Each of these things would be enough on their own. But they are mere artifacts, evidence of what he truly means to me, and so many others.

Thank you, Steve, for showing us that all of these things matter.


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