The Shape of Things to Come

I know. It’s been a month again. I’ve promised posts that haven’t come. Between my research project, my design project, my as-yet-unnamed XForms project, work, grad school applications, and guesting for a radio show every week, I have basically no time.

In a vain attempt to force myself to post more, I’m going to lay out what I mean to have written in the next few weeks, under the sound logic that promising something a third time will get it done.

  • Those pesky last few top albums of 2008. It’s hilariously late at this point, but it would be completely silly to start posting albums for 2009 without having even completed 2008.
  • That year-with-Twitter retrospective. The funny thing is, the longer I sit on this post, the more it seems I have to rethink its content given how rapidly Twitter evolves.
  • A look back at a little site of ours highlighting the meteoric rise and fall of a certain political legend.
  • A look at that XForms project I’ve been working on, which should be done pretty soon, and which is pretty cool.

And, by the end of January of next year, I’ll hopefully finally push through and write a new WordPress theme to replace this mysteriously broken instance of K2 that I’m running.

See you then?

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