I’m excited about the future of the web

Here’s what you can do today if you decide that you simply don’t care about 68% of the browser market:

Look ma, no images!

Doesn’t look like much, you say? Sure. It was just me screwing around while writing a throwaway prototype application. But what if I told you that what you’re seeing is pure HTML and CSS? There are absolutely no images involved in that entire layout. The tab even animates up and down, and the gradient fades in and out — with no images, and not a line of JavaScript.

It’s an old drum that’s being beaten to death, but this is why IE needs to either get with the game or go away. IE8 is at least a huge improvement in terms of respecting rendering standards, but with the gaping release cycle that Microsoft has IE trundling away on, they can’t possibly keep up with how quickly amazing features like these are coming along.

Just how quickly, you ask? Here’s what you can already do in the latest version of Safari/WebKit (even on the iPhone version!), with nothing but CSS, and JavaScript to push it along (source):

This has been proposed to the W3C. Everything you see is hardware-accelerated. I am stoked.

Expect a second edition of this post in a couple of days.

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