Case-sensitive HFS+: What a Mistake.

Alternate title: Come on, Adobe.

Having once had serious issues with filename capitalization in a Java project that resulted in a lot of headache and a small army of mv‘s, when I reformatted my computer with a new hard disk two months ago I chose to use the case-sensitive version of the HFS+ filesystem.

And besides one trivial and easily-fixable issue with an AdiumX theme package, all was fine.

That is, until I tried to install Adobe’s CS4 suite just now.  Instead of the friendly OS X installer app, I was greeted with the following message:

wtf adobe

So.  Now I get to reformat my entire hard disk again.  Just because Adobe is too damned lazy to get with the standard that every other OS X developer – even Microsoft, which didn’t officially support case-sensitivity as of a year ago and typically produces the shoddiest OS X applications; even the free software Indie developers who toil for hours without pay on their works – has flawlessly followed.  This is unbelievable.

What’s worse, apparently this happened with CS3 as well, and even after a small riot about it on their blog, they still couldn’t be bothered to fix it for CS4.  The difference between CS3 and 4 is small enough that I already couldn’t believe CS4 needed to exist; could they not be bothered to fix some filenames?

3 Responses to “Case-sensitive HFS+: What a Mistake.”

  1. 1 null

    Thanks! I am about to do a clean install and your post saved me some headache…

  2. 2 clint

    You’re more than welcome. Amazingly, CS5 still doesn’t support it!

  3. 3 Tim

    Thanks for your post. I ran into this problem with SVN and was a bit irate regarding the extra amounts of mv I needed to do because Foo and foo are considered the same thing.

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