Blogging from Google Chrome [impressions]

Initial thoughts on Google Chrome (more to follow tonight):

  • This browser is really pretty.
  • They’ve done an excellent job maximizing viewing space, with ultrathin borders. Your tabs are actually rendered in the titlebar, saving even more space.
  • Speaking of which, why has no one thought of inverting the tabs and address bar before? This is genius, and makes perfect sense.
  • Renders fast, as can be expected with WebKit.
  • Did I mention that this is really pretty? Make Google Mail/Apps look like this!
  • Awesome-Omni-bar is great, but the auto searchbar detection failed at detecting Wikipedia’s search box. worked great, though.
  • Interesting that Google is using Windows font rendering, seeing as how Apple’s Windows WebKit implementation (Safari) uses Apple font rendering. I’d prefer Apple, but this is fine.
  • Resizable textareas is a built-in feature.
  • Damn, this is pretty!
  • Have yet to run into any of the background technical things that is supposed to make Chrome shine (tabs hanging, memory leaks, popups, etc), but so far a good experience.

Looking forward to plugin support so I can mess with tab opening/closing behavior. So far, a great entry into the market, even if I still think we already have too many browsers. Maybe we should just kill Opera and replace it with this?

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