Well, it’s official: we’ve been sold out.

Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on your fine selection of Congressmen. FISA passed today. And not the FISA we wanted. No, the bad one.

Not that it wasn’t expected: the writing has been on the wall for months now. The “Democratic majority” in Congress means diddlysquat, because it doesn’t appear that they care for your rights as United States Citizens either. At this point, why do we bother?

Well, we bother because they’re our rights, of course. They’re nice to have. Like the one where the government doesn’t have the right to search us without warrants? I think they wrote that one down somewhere kind of important, I don’t really remember where. Oh, and that expectation that criminal acts should be punished justly? Yeah, well we can forget about that now.

And not only that, Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has joined the ranks of those who just don’t care about you and I. Yeah, the promise of his brilliant, golden radiance was so incredibly inviting and clearly unattainable, but could he at least keep up the illusion until he’s in office? At least he voted for the various amendments to strip retroactive immunity, but his initial promise of simply stripping retroactive immunity was weak enough that it would have been a terribly small token gesture to his base support.

He even had an excellent shield on the vote: John McCain, unhappy with simply being the most absent member of the 110th Congress and hypocritically knocking Congress for taking a week off, doesn’t bother to show up after the Senate reconvened, meaning that he missed all the FISA votes. So it would not have been terribly difficult to defend: “what, you don’t like my stand on FISA? My opponent didn’t think it was important enough to even bother showing up!”

And this is why we need not more Democrats in Congress, we need more and better Democrats. Until then, remember to check over your shoulder before joking about George Bush.

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