As previously seen on Sunil Garg‘s blog, here is a bit of an exercise in self-reflection.

He leaves the building in a rush, with a rather battered black Eastpak backpack with what appears to be a staple holding together the right strap. It would immediately appear that perhaps to this person is either unwilling to spend much money, or else does not care about the image he projects. The backpack is worn very low, perhaps in an attempt to fit in with the many others who exhibit this behavior around him. He does not appear to be wearing any accessories, instead sporting a black t-shirt with an Apple logo and the text “Southcenter” centered upon it in cracked white lettering. This suggests that perhaps the person used to be under the employ of Apple at the retail store in the popular Southcenter shopping mall, and perhaps even resides there. Looking on, we find that he is wearing a pair of grey cargo pants. This is striking given the prevalence of jeans in American society, and also because it completes an entirely greyscale ensemble, suggesting this person’s favorite color. Two glints of metal draw the eye to one of the cargo pockets – one is clearly the clip of a pen or pencil; it would seem that our subject requires the use of a pen or pencil very often. The other bit of metal is difficult to see and impossible to identify, though the fact that it is clipped to the upper fold of the pocket indicates that it is often needed.

I’m a bit of a boring person when it comes to clothing. I always wear (cargo) shorts or cargo pants out, a remnant habit from my high school days, when I used to carry around quite a few electronic devices with me – an iPod, a PDA, and cell phone to be specific, and cargo pockets proved handy for these reasons. These days, my laptop is almost always with me in my backpack, so most of these devices are unnecessary. My backpack is also a bit of a remnant – I have had it many years, and it has served me very faithfully. Ignoring the snapped strap buckle, it is in perfectly serviceable shape, and I suppose it may even have sentimental value at this point, having been brought so many places with me. Finally, I have a menagerie of random t-shirts which I wear, a growing majority of which were obtained for free, and the Apple shirt I wore today was no exception. I in fact have never worked for an Apple store, and do not reside in Southcenter, but instead got the shirt for free from a friend who had gone to the grand opening of the store in question. The truth is often disappointingly simple, I suppose.

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