When your operating system fails to sell…

Much has been made out of Windows Vista’s failure, which at this point is rather (and unfortunately) undeniable. One particular topic of debate is the point at which XP will no longer be sold, which may perhaps also be characterized as “the point at which Microsoft starts shoving Vista down their customers’ throats.” That point is currently June 30th, 2008.

The problem, of course, is that no one wants anything to do with Vista. Downgrades are frighteningly common, and the operating system is simply not nearly as refined as XP is, by virtue of having not existed on the market for quite as long. In essence, in the process of waiting so long to release Vista, Microsoft shot itself in the foot by – directly or indirectly – refining Windows XP to the dreaded “good enough” point. Vista’s (lack of) quality, of course, did not help.

So Dell doesn’t want to sell Vista exclusively. People don’t want it yet, and Vista means more support calls, with questions that may not yet have answers.

Microsoft has the answer: sell XP, but we’re counting them as Vista sales.

Yeah, that’s right. When your operating system fails to sell, save face by pretending it sold. Here’s another idea, Microsoft: get it right with Windows 7. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with the highly questionable bookkeeping we’re not facing.

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