What’s going on?

I can’t explain any stage of this phenomenon:

  1. Colbert announces his presidency, but only in his native South Carolina.
  2. Someone makes a “1,000,000 strong from Stephen T Colbert” group to rival Barack Obama’s group.
  3. Group grows ridiculously fast. Ridiculously.
  4. Group is growing at several members a second, passes Obama’s group easily (1.5+ year lifespan vs 5ish day lifespan? Can anyone say cultural phenomenon?).
  5. Group vanishes without a trace.

I’m sure this isn’t censorship or anything sinister, but I’m also sure there was a better way facebook could have handled the server load. It was especially disappointing because I was just about to demonstrate the group’s magically expanding ranks second-by-second when it vanished right underneath me.

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