Again proof that kindess comes first

You probably never knew that we interrogated some 4,000 Nazi P.O.W.s during World War II, because the activity was, like our current interrogations, top secret. However, given light to recent happenings with our latest government and torture, the people who were asked to interrogate this staggering number of prisoners could not in good conscience stand by any longer, and came forward to admit what they did. Let us see what atrocities they committed to help us win the war against the Nazis.

"We got more information out of a German general with a game of chess or Ping-Pong than they do today, with their torture," said Henry Kolm, 90, an M.I.T. physicist whose interrogation of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy, took place over a chessboard. George Frenkel, 87, recalled that he "never laid hands on anyone" in his many interrogations, adding, "I’m proud to say I never compromised my humanity."

That torture seems really justified now, doesn’t it? Lesson number one: be a human being.

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