There would be no wars in the first place…

So there’s been a great deal of debate over Sally Field’s rant at the Emmys and the bit of censorship that happened when she veered into anti-war territory, and tried to say that “if mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamned wars in the first place.” The quote actually more resembled “there would be no g–*camera angle of some random darkened corner*,” as Fox cut away and didn’t return until she was walking off the stage.

Though the FCC ruled specifically in 2004 that the phrase “goddamn” is permissible on air, it’s understandable that they would, out of their own moral beliefs, refuse to air the segment. However, it’s just as believable, given that it’s Fox, that they took the excuse to cut out the anti-war rantings of a woman who’s clearly not helping anyway (for the uninitiated, Jon Stewart now runs a segment of a similar name on the subject).

Well, today we find out that Fox is indeed no better than anyone thought of them. While claiming the moral high ground publicly, their hipocritical ways got the best of them, and they allow their own pundits sock puppets to repeatedly use the very same “offensive” speech. See for yourself. Feh. We all harbored doubts as to their motives simply to give them the benefit of the doubt, but really, did anyone really think they were innocent on this one?

Lesson of the day: Fox deserves no benefit of the doubt.

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