The one where we find out why ASP.NET is so convoluted

ASP.NET is wonderful and awful. Some of the conveniences it affords are great, like the control paradigm. However, it’s just too convoluted to offer a good experience. Everything in ASP.NET is “yes, you can do this, but…” and nested databinding and event handling is a mess. I’ve often wondered why such random WTFs such as using empty iframes to provide menu backgrounds arose, but today we find out why. In an obscure error message hidden in the bowels of the Wizard control:

SideBarList control must contain an IButtonControl with ID SideBarButton in every item template, this maybe include ItemTemplate, EditItemTemplate, SelectedItemTemplate or AlternatingItemTemplate if they exist.

Classic Chinese-American grammatical error. So I guess it turns out that Microsoft outsourced ASP.NET to China…

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