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For the uninitiated, my name is Clint Tseng. I’m a graphics designer/software engineer working at a small software company in Redmond, WA called Sharplogic Software. Over the years I have owned numerous websites, including my now-nonexistent previous blog, \\unload, which ran on Ryan “wonko” Grove’s excellent Poseidon CMS engine, which, sadly, is defunct as well.

I am currently a student in the University of Washington’s Computer Engineering department, though I still hold that real life development experience is far more valuable than any textbook. I’m in the honors program because through a series of strange circumstances, it’s less work for me than the regular program would be.

In my spare time, I like to pretend that I’m actually making progress on the many personal projects I have going on, hopefully some one of which will someday make me rich. I also play copious and potentially unhealthy amounts of Unreal Tournament and Rise of Nations with my friends. I also listen to a great deal of music, which brings me to another thing I often do, which is pretend to be writing music, for which I get the urge whenever I hear a good song.

What I do actually end up making progress on is DJ-ing, which requires far less time commitment. I spin mostly DnB, Chemical Breaks, and Trance, though “spin” is a relative term given that I work mostly with Ableton Live, which I suppose makes me a cheater. I try to make up for it, though, by taking full advantage of Ableton’s additional complexity and power.

So that’s me in a nutshell. It has taken me about half an hour to type this, because I am forcing myself to use dvorak only, which I haven’t used in about a year.


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  1. 1 Erik Turnquist

    Yea I tried this whole blogging thing once… I should start up again.

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