Are we really supporting our troops?

The BBC is reporting that US Army suicides are at a 26-year high. The official reason is, of course, not related to battle, but the Army itself has found “a significant relationship between suicide attempts and the length of time soldiers spent in Iraq, Afghanistan or in nearby countries in operations supporting those wars.”

And our government says morale is at an all-time high.

How can we do this to our soldiers? How can we send them — often those who have no choice whatsoever, for financial reasons or otherwise — again, and again, and again into a war that two thirds of this country refuses to support anymore? Forget even the fact that we’re apparently too cheap to even supply proper body armor to these pawns, forget even that we’re in a country that does not wish us to stay there, forget all the ideological and logical reasons we bring up so often as reasons to pull out, and to do it soon.

How can we do this to people? Our fellow citizens? What have we become?

I always hated how the now not-so-freshly elected Democratic congress is so often claimed to have been brought about as a “referendum on Iraq.” To my perhaps delusional mind, I’ve always hoped that there were a million and one reasons that the American public finally got fed up with the GOP and George Bush’s tricks; which, indeed, there are as many, if not more. I furthermore also cringed when Pelosi stood on that podium and proclaimed that it was “time for change!” I hoped that she and all the Democrats wouldn’t have to eat those words come 2008, though given their track record, it was inevitable. And guess where we are now? I don’t see any change, that’s for sure.

If you can’t even achieve the single most simple, defining, and advertisable goal that the media and you yourselves have declared as your raison d’étre, if you can’t even perform your duty as a “referendum on Iraq,” then what the bloody hell did we put you there for? Again, and again, and again you put up shows, you put out strongly worded speeches about how this time, this time we will never back down, that we will fight this one to the end, and yet again, and again, and again you fail the American people.

Yes, you are failing the American people. The American people that put you there to represent our best interests, our will. Much as CYA seems to be the modus operandi in Congress these days, your job as a politician is to do whatever it takes to act in the best interest of the citizens of the United States. Are you doing that? Search your soul. Act.

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